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  • Tips to Survive Isolation with your kids!

Tips to Survive Isolation with your kids!

Tips to Survive Isolation with your kids!

We are all weeks into lock down and its certainly a massive roller-coaster ride! 

Whilst many are so happy with the lovey break from the rush & busy days we 'used' to lead, we are also faced with days where things are just plain tough.

Here are our top activities for kids at home, during lock down :) 

1. Building Cubbies/Tents- Whether you just use a few dining chairs with blankets over them- or have a pop up beach tent, you can't go wrong with a Cubby! Set one up and fill it with board games, books, colouring and snacks. Add a movie on an iPad and you have an activity that is bound to keep any child happy

2. Cooking- Anything from cupcakes/cookies/cakes to helping with dinners. Kids love to cook & eat 

3. Trampoline time- If you don't have one, it might be time to invest in one. Trampolines are a great way to get kids out of the house, and burn some energy. Play with attachable basketball hoops or even play poison ball whilst jumping. A sprinkler underneath is always a winner too!

4. Water balloon fights- Whether you have Bunch-o-Ballons for easy water balloon creating or just the plain 'old school' water balloons you fill from the tap (note- this takes longer to do and will ensure a much longer time is had!)- there is no one who wont enjoy this activity

5. Gardening- Just prior to lock down I started my own Veggie garden & growing all sorts of things from seeds. Within 6-8 weeks we have a flourishing garden which is fabulous for the kids to watch and care for 

6. House Party/ Facetime- What a great saviour for our kids to remain connected with their beautiful friends. Whilst I think its very important to supervise and ensure your children are using these programs correctly & safely- they are a fabulous way of keeping in touch 

7. Just Dance- Yes that's right- Dance. And you don't have to have a game console to do so. Just log onto u-Tube and type in Just Dance and you will get many videos come up which your kids can watch and dance along to! 

8. Craft- Painting, drawing, gluing, making pet rocks, play Doh, Slime, etc - the list goes on. 

Please add any comments on anything that's been great for you & your kids! We would love to hear :) 

Stay well (& sane) Michaela xx 



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